Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I love this verse...

Ephesians 5:1
Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children

Whenever I sit at the kitchen table with my laptop, our 23 month old granddaughter, Amiyah wants to help me. She knows she is not supposed to touch my computer, so she will put her little fingers right to the edge of it and once in awhile reach up and do what she thinks is typing. She is what we call "hard-headed" as she does not give up easily. Sometimes she just continues to do what she wants, and ends up getting in a little bit of toddler trouble.
She wants to copy what I am doing no matter what it may cost her.

Then I saw it at Walgreens one day right before Christmas.
A pink "real" looking laptop.
Best sixteen bucks I've ever spent.
She loves this thing and every time she comes over insists on getting it out and "working".
Here is a picture of her and aunt Alivia working away.
As soon as she saw Alivia on the couch, Amiyah ran her little bow-legged self to get her laptop.

And bless Alivia's patient heart, Amiyah sat right next to her and imitated
every move her Auntie made.
At almost 2 years old she wants to do what her Mommy, Grandma, Aunt and even what
Uncle Aaron and Grandpa does.

She is a little imitator of all she sees us do.
In the picture above she was a mini-me version of Alivia;
a reflection of the 8 year old she sat beside.

Who are you imitating today?
Who are you a reflection of?
Are you willing to copy Jesus, no matter what the cost may be?

I wish I could say God to the first 2 questions and yes to the third everyday, but I'd be lying.
He is what I strive to be like, but I know some days the devils' horns sprout up from underneath my hair and just knock my halo right to the ground.

Thankfully, one thing about His mercies...they are new every morning.


Andrea said...

Awesome post! Recently, my daughter in law said, Savannah (my granddaughter) put her hands on her hits and said, "That's not nice." She was actually talking back to her mother, but she was copying her Nana's actions and words to her. We always need to be careful...

Blessings, andrea

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

How cute! I remember doing something similar with my son when he was little. He liked my cell phone so I bought him a toy one that had realisitc rings, etc. He would walk around pretending to talk to someone and he kept it in his pocket.

Thanks for the reminder too about who we imitate.

Runner Mom said...

This was a great reminder, my sweet friend! Love, love, love the pics! The girls are growing up too fast!

Jennifer said...

Such a sweet picture! And even though I try to be like Christ I fall short often! Thank God he loves us anyway!!!

Yolanda said...

Sweet and precious; kind of Alivia to allow her loved one to sit right there and copy. LOVE THAT!

Hugs and kisses,

Paula said...

This is a wonderful reminder Lelia! The apples don't fall far from the trees, as Jasmine reminds me every day when she gets huffy who she imitates ... me! I must imitate Christ more and love it out of her! xo

Anonymous said...

... Thankfully!!!!!!!!!!

Your little girls are so very beautiful!

N x

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Hey stranger...well on blogland.
Love the pic...that is just what I was needing to see...well two of my three girls. Amiyah...oh never cease to wooh my heart.