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YES to GOD study: CH. 4: Beyond Sunday Morning

where we meet every week (Lord willing) to discuss this book by Lysa

Life has been getting in the way, but I am trying my best to get chapters 5 & 6 up by Wednesday, November 11th.
Thank you for your sweet patience and I hope this doesn't discourage your participation. Unless something major happens next week and I mean it has to be huge, I will post chapter 7 ON Tuesday, November 17th!

Anything in blue is a quote from the book

I loved how Lysa shared with us her church experience as a child. One thing you will consistently hear me say about this author is that she is so real. The way she describes how going to church seemed like a colossal waste of time until she visited her friends church. That is where Lysa first felt like going home after church and digging into her Bible for herself.

Lysa brings the food to the table when she explains how important it is to read and study the Bible on our own so we don't starve...we'll never grow to our full potential unless we jump in and get serious about studying Scripture.
She took a term from Pastor Bill Hybel who referred to this as being a "Self-Feeder".

She doesn't leave us alone to figure out the how to's of becoming a self-feeder.
Lysa goes on to explain the 3 important things we need to do when we read and study God's Word on our own.

Let's take a look at each one.

1.) PRAY
Becoming a self-feeder requires that we pray first and ask God to open our spiritual eyes like never before.

The context is found by asking basic who, what, when, where, and why questions.
~Use commentaries and ask God for help.
~Read the Scriptures before and after your targeted verse(s) as to not take anything out of context.

Because every word and phrase within the Bible has been intentionally and divinely placed, much discovery and revelation awaits us whenever we study.

This is such great advice from Lysa. Sometimes I just read through something and I totally miss what God had for me. I need to study His Word like this more consistently.

My favorite part of this chapter was how she took Ephesians 1:17 and broke it down for us.
"I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better."

I keep asking=constant prayer

the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father=We aren't asking a remote, distant, angry, rule-thumping, finger-wagging deity.
We are asking God, the God of our Lord Jesus.

may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation=I don't just want to be a woman who has wisdom and revelation; I want to be a woman who has the Spirit of wisdom and revelation working around me, in me, through me, ahead of me.

so that you may know him better=Having the Spirit of wisdom and revelation is purely "so that" I can know God better. Really know Him. Not just know facts about Him. But know Him in deeper ways than I ever thought possible.

So let's say we become "self-feeders" this week.
I know I need and want to learn more about my Savior.

I can't help but picture my son's dog Kane when I think of a self-feeder.
Every morning, Aaron sets out a bowl of food and a fresh bowl of water for Kane.
Then Aaron leaves for school.
Now, the food and water are both there, but Aaron doesn't stick around and throw Purina into Kane's mouth and make sure he gets plenty to drink. That part is on Kane. He has a choice, he can either starve and get dehydrated or he can eat and give his body the nourishment it needs.

Most of the time when Aaron returns from school the food bowl is empty and the water in his bowl has decreased.
And he needs more of both.

Let's stop taking everyone else's research and claiming it as our own.
Let's get our hands a little dirty ourselves and find out what God has to say to us.

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~Many Blessings~


Twinkle Mom @ Sunflower Faith said...

This has been an amazing book to read; Thank you so much for sharing this and encouraging others to read it.

I have my post up here.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

This is so weird. I've been checking your blog every day since last week and this was never there.

Okay, now I'll go read it.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Good post, Lelia. I love the analogy of Kane. How so very true. Hey, we can even learn from dogs, huh?

Here's my chapter four.

tiggerdaisy said...

I know Paula--I was thinking the same thing!!! I thought maybe I had it saved in my cookies relating to just the other post. :)

Lelia, I agree--it's time to get our hands DIRTY and dig into God's Word ourselves!

Prayers and blessings,