Friday, June 5, 2009

I love anything in pink

Oh, Lord Jesus, thank you so much for this tiny dark haired blessing.
And thank you for her soft, chubby cheeks...I think You added extra chubbiness just for me.
Help me to have self control and not to bruise her when I squeeze and kiss on them.
But above all, may she grow to love her Creator with all of her mind, strength and soul.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and sweet comments on the last post and in e-mails. You all have blessed us more than you can know.

I have to tell you a little pre-Juliana birth story.

It was approximately 10 in the morning on Wednesday, June 3rd...

We were allowed into Alyssa's room after she received her epidural.
There was my girl, lying in her bed.
Was that a halo I saw above her?
No, it was just the glow of anticipation of the birth of her little girl
I glided over to her bed and stood next to her beautiful glowing face. Lovingly and so motherly, I caressed her forehead and gave her a kiss.

It was a beautiful Kodak moment that nobody in the room captured.
A moment that will have to remain in my memory.

That is when she looked at me with disgust both embedded on her face and in her voice when she asked me,

"Do you have "Dog" on?"

Me: "What?"

She not so nicely continued, "You smell like Kane."

Okay, Kane is our son Aaron's dog.

Clearly offended, I started to explain that I had just showered and instead of rolling around in Kane's dog house like she must think I did, I had put Bath and Body Works, Sensual Amber lotion on for this special day.
But my Mother quickly interrupted my defense with, a whispered but authoritave "Just go" and waved me into the corner of the room.
Gene just laughed as I obeyed my Mom while smelling my arms.

I suppose I should be relieved that I smelled like this dog instead of

this one.

Duane Chapman or better knows as Dog the Bounty Hunter who has a show on the A&E channel hunting criminals, just doesn't look like someone who smells like Sensual Amber.

From my view in the corner I think the halo-ish looking glow that had framed my daughter left the room. She suddenly looked irritated and a little grumpy. And perhaps nauseous since her mother smelled like a black lab/boxer mix.

Oh well...somehow she let me back into her personal space just in time for the birth, but if you look closely at my Mother's face here during delivery...maybe I did smell like I was drenched in Dog.

Have a great weekend.

I will try to post the pictures of the Sisters meeting for the first time last night.

It was too precious.

Amiyah stared and poked at her

rubbed her head

pretended to cry too

played peek a boo

and after not getting any response from Juliana Pearl

attempted to lay on her.

All as if to say...

She's a Keeper!

~Many Blessings~


Paula (SweetPea) said...

I was so glad to read the words..."Okay I have to tell you a pre-Juliana story." I so like me some Lelia-stories.

You are such a hoot...the whole halo appearing and disappearing.

I love what you described as the two sisters encounter. How sweet. I hope there were lots of pictures for each of your descriptions. It sound so precious!!!!

You look so cute with anticipation as you have your hand on your mouth in the photo.

Love ya,

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I am so glad that your little one layed on her sister! Bryton LOVES to do that to poor little Sawyer and I thought he was perhaps strange! At least I can tell my daughter that he is not alone.

Beautiful story - baby....

Stacy said...

Sweet Lelia. Even on the crummiest days, your words can put a smile in my heart! Juliana is beyond beautiful! I am so thankful for a safe and healthy delivery. Praying for all of you in all of the upcoming joyful transitions. May I be so personal to ask if the dad of these precious 2 girls is still in the picture? Not asking in nosy-ness; just want to be as specific in prayer as needed :). Appreciate you!

LisaShaw said...

Thanks for sharing with us Sweetie and what a precious baby!! My goodness she is adorable. Love ya.

Mel said...

what a beautiful name for a beautiful new addition!!!

Rachel said...

So, SO beautiful!

And remember... your kiddo was in the last minutes of pregnancy, where the sense of smell is still kinda skewed, right? Thanks for the funny story.

So glad the sisters are getting along so swell. Little sisters are the best!

Kim said...

Ahhh yes labor can make even the nicest "halo-wearing" person quite moody!!! cute story and CUTE baby girl!!! Try really hard not to bruise those chubber cheeks!! :)

Paula said...

Haha, you are just too funny for words lady! Just remember that Alyssa could NOT feel the bottom half of her body, felt (most likely) like a beached whale, and due to all the needles in her arms, probably did not have 100% funtioning nasal passages! I bet you smelt just lovely! It's all good! xo

Susan said...

Another beauty!!

And yes, oh how I love the color PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you♥

Yolanda said...

I can tell that you are getting your daily dose of HUGE blessings right now!!!!


Love ya

Jamie said...

Oh My, look at that hair on that baby...absolutely precious!!!

And you so crack me up! Hope you were able to get rid of that dog smell:)

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Lelia Juliana is so beautiful. I'd have to kiss those cheeks too if I were her Grandma!
Dog? Okay; ... ahem.. I have Sensual Amber Lotion and now I'm gonna worry I smell like DOG too when I wear it! I like the glitter in it! I know it does have a "different" scent but now I'm a little concerned.*
I hope Alyssa has gotten some rest. I'll never forget how TIRED I was after havin my babies. They don't call it labor for nothin do they?!
Holykisses to you all!
My word verification says
reble Now I truly have a complex

Andrea said...

Beautiful and congradulations!!

Pamela (His maidservant) said...

Oh my dear friend, you crack me up! CONGRATULATIONS!! Your granddaughter has no ideal how lucky she is to have you. Idon't have to tell you to treasure gentle!!

I stopped by to ask you to pray for a friend that just lost her husband unexpectantly. I posted the pryaer request on my blog. She has four young children and needs lots and lots of prayer.

Thank you and congrats again!!

His Maidservant~Pamela

Carol said...

Oh, my goodness! She's a sweetie. I can't wait to have my own little bundle of pink. Still praying for all of you. Congratulations!!! :)

LynnSC said...

Again... thanks for including us in this beautiful blessing. She is absolutely gorgeous!!

And... I had a wet stinky dog in my house today... I can't imagine that you took anything out of a store that smelled like that. I'm sure her nose was a little off...


Sharon said...

Oh she is sooooo beautiful,,, wow my mouth just sits in aweeee, what a blessing for sure.