Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why I have no Facebook

A few months ago I started up a Facebook account.

Then I decided that it was a waste of the already limited time I get on a computer, so I removed my account.

Then I missed it so I re-activated my account.

Then Facebook gave me access to my past...the part of my past I don't need brought into my present.
So I de-activated my account. Again.

Then I thought...I will just use it for ministry purposes so I re-activated my account.

Then I talked to a wise Christian man last Friday who knows of my history of an affair and he said, "You should not have a Facebook account".

So I de-activated it again, but this time I had my oldest daughter change the password so I can't keep "re-activating" it.

Why, why, why do I want to play with fire and think that I am above being burned?
One thing I noticed this last time I was an active Facebook member is that on the profile set up there are different things you can write about yourself. The part that made me shake my head is when it asks about your "status" and you are supposed to pick one...


In a relationship, but it's complicated


In an Open Relationship

In an Open Relationship just jumped out at me.
The thing that hit me the most is that God does not want an OPEN relationship with me.
He doesn't want me to worship Him in the morning then look for past flings on Facebook in the evening.
He wants me to Himself.
Now hear me out here...I am not saying Facebook is not for you if you have an account.
I am talking about for myself it wasn't a benefit for me or my husband.
It had the potential to open doors that have no business being opened and I don't want or need that kind of junk in my life.
So I de-activated the tool that Satan can easily use to get me right where he wants me again.
For the longest time I have convinced myself that my affair was isolated because it was with someone I thought I really cared for...I mean c'mon, I would never just go out and just have an affair. Not me!
I believe that when we restrict Satan from certain areas of our lives because we think we have our sins under control all we are really doing is putting our enemy in a cardboard box. A box that all he has to do is kick down the sides to get to us again. And this time around, he'll bring it into our lives in a different way.
A Facebook kind of way.
An Open Relationship kind of way.
Next week the Circus will be in town. I haven't been in years and have been thinking of taking the kids since Alivia has never been to one before. When I was a kid my Dad's boss gave all his employees free tickets and I couldn't wait to go. It was always exciting when the big cages containing the lion and tigers was rolled into center stage. There is a reason these animals are caged in metal boxes versus cardboard boxes. They have the potential to attack and turn on their handlers.
Don't try to be Satan's handler.
For just when you think you have a problem of sin in your life mastered, he will turn on you and attack you in a way you never expected.
For was Facebook.
So don't try to handle your can't. We can't, but our God can.
And He can handle our enemy in a way that he'll be sorry he ever messed with us.
Give any past or present ungodly habits, sins or thoughts to Christ and let Him fight the battle that is going on for your following.
Because sweet sister, without Christ as the Ring Leader of our hearts, our life will just be one big messy circus.

~Many Blessings~


Yolanda said...


AMEN and AMEN, I deleted my acct towards the end of January. I was totally addicted, totally became a foreign-pagan god for me, idol....and God needs ALL of me.

I check the blog world often, it is seeped in God where I go, where I spend my time, and Facebook is NOT where He wanted ME.

Love ya,

sarah said...

Awesome post, Leila! We are all different and Satan has tactics up his sleeve for each one of us. It is so true that he often kicks it in to overtime just when we think we have conquered our sin. I love how you finally just kicked back and kicked him in the butt! God is on our side and is fighting for us, but we still have to stay alert.
p.s. I love how you write and I know it blesses many women!

Paula said...

Great post Lelia. Cyberspace is a wonderful means of communication, but it's imperative that we choose the right type of communication, and also don't get absorbed by it. I am guilty of becoming absorbed in cyberspace, mainly because I spend the majority of my waking hours in it, either at work or at home communicating with my sweetie. I have to remember to stay eternity focused when in cyberspace, or else I get duped by the worldliness of it. (I hope that makes sense!) I love that I am connected to so many people on Facebook and use it as a means to keep in touch with my closest friends (even though I have 200+ listed), and also to share my faith through my blog posts and photo art that I do. Anyway, bed time here. I'm currrently listening to some K-Love, so thanks for the hook-up. Love ya, and enjoy your Saturday! xo

Shanda said...

Such a great post! Thank you for being transparent with this.

A few years back my husband brought home a huge and beautifully framed picture of a tiger - it looks like it is on the prowl about to pounce. No matter the angle that you are viewing it; it appears to be following you with it's eyes. I honestly didn't like it very much. He hung it in our office which has an "Africa" theme...that tigers eyes stare straight at me as I type on the computer. I have come to appreciate it's presence. That constant reminder that the enemy of our souls is just roaming the earth seeking to kill, steal, and destroy. At moments it is as if satan is right there breathing down on me as I share openly the things of God on my is a constant visual reminder to me the battle we do daily. You are right...we cannot dabble on the edge of temptations - we simply are not strong enough in our own strength.

Walking on High Hills said...

No FB for me either gal!

LisaShaw said...

Powerful, revealing and practical!

I started a facebook late last year and never used it so I deactivated mine as well.

It didn't appeal to me although I know it does to many. I think we just all need to know WHERE GOD wants us and where we are to avoid for whatever reason.

Bless you sister.

HisPrincess said...

I have a facebook account.

I don't have an issue with it, don't spend a great deal of time on it (compared to blogging!).

Almost all of my teenage daughters friends have signed me up as a friend (and my daughter has too) and I find it a great way of keepin in touch with their world.

I don't get how people become addicted to it though. But that's just this wonderful blessed blog world, THAT is certainly addictive!