Thursday, February 19, 2009

Follow the Leader

I originally wrote this a year ago and couldn't believe it is exactly what I needed to read today...

Recently I was pulling a late night when my 6 year old daughter Alivia woke up.
She saw I was still up so she stumbled over and sat on my lap. As I held her in my arms hoping to get her back to sleep, I started singing softly to her.
Eyes closed, head against my chest, she whispered, "Please stop."
I stopped singing the words and started to hum the song instead.
"Mom, please."
Not being offended by her midnight rudeness, I kept quiet as my leg began to softly bounce.
As she slid herself off my lap, I could tell she was clearly irritated with my efforts to help her return to dream land.
She looked at me and with a hint of disgust said, "You're still singing in your head!"
Needless to say, she tucked herself back into bed.
I wonder if God also gets that way with me sometimes?
You know, just plain irritated with me when I choose to have selective hearing.
There are times when I know God has asked me not to do something, but I think I need it in my life. So, in order to keep the forbidden in close range, I just change the way I do it, hoping my lack of obedience will go unnoticed.
Instead of singing, I hum and instead of humming I bounce.
It's as if no matter what God asks me to change I still keep the rhythm of disobedience going inside of me instead of just changing my tune to what the Master Musician wants for my life.
I really need to trust in the Lord to direct my paths even if it means to stop doing something that He knows isn't good for me. I may not agree with Him, but I need to trust Him enough to surrender whatever He wants given up.
I need to know that He doesn't even have to give me this big explanation of why it's not good for me. That's where my faith steps in.
When my husband asks our kids to not do something and they challenge him with the question "Why?" his authoritative answer is simply "Because I said so."
Think I've heard the same answer from my heavenly Father a time or two. Or three...
Funny how daily life is just so much better when I don't try to hum when He's asked me not to sing.
He knows my thoughts, so even though my mouth isn't moving if I choose to still sing in my head I haven't fooled Him. Just means that I'm being disobedient of what He has asked of me.
I want a life completely surrendered to Jesus even if that means giving up something that I want or think I need.When my heart is obedient to my what my Savior asks of me I am just beyond amazed at what He replaces my surrendered areas with.
Lord, I thank You for using someone like my irritated, sleepy-headed daughter in the middle of the night to teach me to just follow the Leader with whole hearted trust.I want to know the plans that You have for my life Lord.

~Many Blessings~


GMS said...

I can totally relate! What are we thinking...that somehow he won't recognize it as disobedience if we are clever enough to change it up a bit? Wow, thank you for this post and this morsel to chew on today.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

This is beautiful. Oh, how I know I've done the same...give up something but still hold it in my heart. Give up part thinking the remaining will go unnoticed. Unnoticed by God? Yeah right. He knows THE number of HAIRS on our heads. Him not notice? I think not.

What beautiful lessons He, as our Father, teaches to us through "our" children.

How precious He led you to dig in your archives and give you what you wrote a year ago knowing you'd need it exactly one year later.

I had an amazing experience on Tuesday in which the conversations I had with a friend were confirmed in the 'Streams in the Desert' that evening as I read Feb. 17th entry.

Sweet blessings to you.
Love ya,

Lisa Cheney said...

congratulations! i left you an award over on my page:) hope your having the most blessed day!!!

Shanda said...

That was beautifully written.

It's amazing how sometimes He gives us our own written words back at perfect moments isn't it?

Lisa Cheney said...

It's Brodkeys! i can't believe it.

I've actually blogged for the past several years over on myspace and have met...actually met in real life some great friends! a few of them in Dallas!!!!

Mel said...

OH YESSSSSS on the awesome message!!!

Yolanda said...

That little one is smarter than a whip! Cute as a button, and I'm still open to coming up there and bringing her home with ME! ;-)

Children are just the coolest messengers of God. I've had a message or two here lately with my Cousin's two children. Hmmm....

Hope this finds you well,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being faithful to God and letting his holy spirit speak through you... what you wrote is what I needed to hear. God bless you and keep you safe under his wings.........kathy

Pamela (His maidservant) said...

Yes...follow the elader...follow His voice, no matter the cost. I'm in!

In His Graces~Pamela

Stacy said...

Lelia, What a BLESSING you are. I LOVE how you are able to find the Lord and His lessons in the everyday experiences of life.


Naomi said...

I remembered this post, but so good to be REMINDED of it...

Laura said...

This is such a good picture, lelia! And that girl of yours? She sure is a smarty-pants.

Miss you!

much2ponder said...

This was very good and to tell you the is what I needed to read just before bed. I have been in that very place and not taken the time to pay attention so I was unaware. Still am often it seems. Thank you for this wonderful word picture to remind me of something that I truly needed to hear tonight. Bless you my sister.

Julie Gillies said...

Out of the mouths of babes, right?
I thank God for using whoever He wishes to speak His heart to me.


HisPrincess said...

Iam constantly amazed at how you manage to relate an everyday happening to your walk with the Lord.

Stuff is happening down here in the wide brown land...I will keep you posted, when I work out exactly what it is that is happening...I don't know what it is but I do know that it's exciting.

Sue said...

Hi Lelia,
This post struck a chord with me, and I didn't even think of the pun until it was already out. :o) When I read where you wrote about wanting to be completely surrendered to Jesus, there was part of me that felt the same way, but part of me that resisted. Sometimes I do not feel God's leading, but I know He wants me to spend more time in the Word and with HIm in prayer. I do pray, though, off and on all day, especially lately. So, I do feel closer to Him these days.

Thanks for the post,