Monday, July 28, 2008

Gene just call me Dee Dee for Domestic Diva!

This weekend we were one productive family. We did dishes, we did loads of laundry, we cut our grass, we ate at a normal time. You could say we had a great weekend. Thank you so much for all of the suggestions, advice, prayers and encouragement.

I loved Marlene from Stichin' by the Lake's comment:

"First of all, where do you live because I'm coming over! I believe you need help and I can do it. I am organized without being obsessive about it and I love doing it. Crazy, huh?"

This is the best part of what she said though when she was telling me how to clean a room: "Threaten to kill anyone who puts anything in that room that doesn't belong there."

Isn't that hilarious?? My dear friend Elaine from Peace at the Journey who graciously took me to buy white underwear to go under my white pants while at She Speaks had this to say: "What stichin' Marlene said. Have you seen the pics on her blog? I'd hire her in a minute. She's my domestic hero!" So I think I'll be okay if Marlene and Elaine just alternate days. And on Elaine's week she can run errands and get underwear if needed!

Thanks for sharing what works for you. My husband and I loved reading all of your ideas. My Mom is really organized so I don't know what happened. She probably cried if she read the post where I begged you all for help!

My older kids do their own laundry already so that helps, but if one person gets behind, we all take a swim in the Lake of Laundry as Linda from 2nd Cup of Coffee put it.

I'm taking your words of wisdom to heart and I've decided to do:

1-2 loads of laundry a day and fold, hang up and put away the clothes immediately.

Once a week plan 7 days worth of meals and look at the ads to see what's on sale.

Setting my clocks back by 10 minutes and getting ready the night before.

I'll be making my bed every morning.

I think I'll even make my laundry room more cheery!

I'm going to take your cleaning suggestions and I love the idea Joy gave of inviting company over weekly.

So many great ideas and I even vistited Flylady this weekend. My sink is so clean!

I think God has used you all by giving me some incredible ideas! Above all, I'm giving these ideas to God and taking Julie's suggestion of asking Him what He thinks will work for me.

When I get His plan down, I will have you all over for an on time meal and I'll even let you sit on my toilet! Or I can just say what Lea from Shabby Olde Potting Shed says: "C'mon in! Don't mind the mess, coz WE LIVE HERE! Amen?"

Thanks so much you wonderful ladies!! Oh, and Alivia had the honor of drawing a name for the Domestic Diva coffee cup.

The winner is...Lynn!!! She gave some great tips on laundry and cleaning the bathroom. She said she needs some suggestions on her most hated chore: vacuuming, especially the stairs. So, if you have any suggestions for her visit Lynn by clicking here. Congratulations! (send me your home address by e-mail please.)

While we were sorting laundry on Saturday out of the blue Alivia asked me,

Mom, how old is our house?

Oh, about 50 years old.

Does that mean my room is fifty years old too?"

Well, yes they built the room when they built the rest of the house.

OH Bummer!! ( I wish I could put her facial expression on was so funny)

Why are you bummed?

Because, that means I have to be fifty years old and I don't want to be that old.

Why would you think you'd think that you have to be fifty?

Because I just think you should be as old as your room.

And off she went...

Hmmm....I should of told her how old it is in dog years, she would've really freaked out!

Sorry, I was so late posting this. Had a very wearing weekend with our teen mom. I am just so ticked at Satan. Please continue to lift her up to God. I'm just praising Him ahead of time for when she hits rock bottom and cries out for Him. I can't wait for that day because when she gets tired from living life Satan's way and asks for God to step in, His enemies will scatter!

Glory to God in the Highest! Glory to God!

Come back tomorrow for the Yes to God study! Chapters 6&7!

~Many Blessings~


tiggerdaisy said...

You, my friend, are just too funny! I love you! And, hey, where are the pics of the clean living space??? hehehehe :)

Lifting your whole family up,

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey Lelia,
SO GLAD yaLL got it together! LOL
WOW more prayers answered! heheahoao
I'm so happy to know if I needed to use your bathroom, YOU'D LET ME--... and wouldn't be turning out lights and HIDING! boyohboy! You are a RIOT. AND NOW A NEAT ONE! Praise God! I think my friends would tell you my house is always clean, but they've never seen under my bed. LOL ;) -- I caught up in the bible study; LOVE IT! I'll share tomorrow okay?
Still prayin for your daughter.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I knew you could do it! Sometimes it just means putting one foot in front of the other, again and again. And don't you love it when a room is decluttered and looks like you envisioned it? And thank goodness I can use your bathroom because I never seem to go anywhere anymore without having to go! Is this another thing I have to deal with since I'm gettin older - it's like being pregnant all over again! Blessings, marlene

Paula (SweetPea) said...

What a blessing. How encouraging that you had such a successful weekend and you have a plan and of course God's plan in these desires of your heart: meal time, being on time, anc the dread--I mean blissful--house chores.

I'm proud of you girl! You go girl!

I still have Alyssa on my prayer list (and you too)!
Love ya,

LynnSC said...

Yahooo!!!! For you and for me.

For you... getting things done this weekend that you wanted to get done. I am also pleased to hear that you had some help. I will have to say that I don't get much of that... but I really don't seem to mind. It is actually my pleasure to "do" for my family. LOL!! But, I do get help when I ask.

For me... I WON the mug!! I am so excited. I have entered all kinds of contest in bloggyville, but I have never won until now. My sweet friend Regina has won twice... she will have to eat her heart out now... LOL!

Thanks so much for offering this contest... and I can't wait to see if I get some suggestions to help with my dreaded chore... the stairs.

I will still be praying for your sweet daughter. It will all be for His glory.

HisPrincess said...

You rock Lelia!

I will continue to pray for Alyssa.

Steph is scaring me senseless with some of her choices lately....when do we get to a point where we don't worry about them anymore? Never? Thought so.

swallowingamoose said...

Consider yourself tagged! Starr did it to me yesterday and i had to turn around and do it to 5 or 6 others.

There's a post called "I got Tagged by Threshold Moments" up on my blog where you can see me tagging you and the others.

The rules go something like this:
Tell six random things about yourself to everyone and then at the bottom of the post tag six people's blogs and tell about them a bit. Then go tell them they were tagged. Starr actually has the rules spelled out nicely on her blog (Threshold Moments).

Have a great day L! How's your daughter and the baby doing? Glad she's home and safe! Sorry about the mishap at Gramma's house. You are a hero!

Love ya, Heather

nothingcanseparateme said...

Yeeeahhhh!! Glad to hear that you had a productive weekend of cleaning and meal preparations.

But sorry to hear that Miss Alyssa is still fighting the demons. I will definitely keep praying for her and the rest of the youth of America. There are so many caught up in the world and what they think it has to offer. The Lord must just be so sad when he looks down on us.

keep on your knees girl!!
hugs & blessings!

Yolanda said...


I'm ticked at satan, and I didn't even realize it.

Thanks and so much love,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Marlene is the best. I would love to have her next door, as I would you! I'm so proud of you for literally airing your "dirty laundry." We all have our "piles" dear one, whether it be laundry or other. Some of us just hide it better than others.

Love you and, yes, I'm always available for an undie run!


Kelley said...

Make sure you work a little "sleep time" into that schedule! You will be much more productive if you are well-rested (that must be the mom in me talking).

Praying for all of you...

Sherlyn said...

LOL - cleaning and decluttering - something I'm drastically behind on!

I've been lurking for awhile, hadn't had the chance to post in awhile.

Now I'm going to "tag" you. I promise it's fun and you get to know people...don't be too mad!

Tag, you're it!

One of my friends "tagged me" and it requires me to "tag" 6 other bloggy friends - its a way to "blog-surf" - so stop by my blog and see what to do next. I promised her I wouldn't break the chain so....Hurry, hurry, people are on their way to visit ya.